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"KICK, my most-loved shopping destination for over 4 years and counting. Unparalleled customer service, every style recommendation, every order, every delivery is tailored and personalised with a special attention to detail. KICK has gifted us with a seamless way of shopping amid a global pandemic, the KICK team have played a massive role in motivating the community to stay fit and keep moving.

Khim consistently keeps things fresh with her exceptional and expert eye for merchandising - I love the diverse and ever-evolving umbrella of brands, from performance activewear to lounge and resort wear, there is so much to discover on KICK. I have so much appreciation and gratitude to Khim and her team."

--- Aisyah, Malaysia

"Having been KICK's customers for 3 years, I never doubt in KICK's service. From the very first time that I talked to Khim, she gave me a very well-explained details of the products and an honest comment about them. Apart from service, I would say the product selection has always impressed me. The quality of each brand available at KICK is exquisite and the price is reasonable compared to the quality I get. Today, I am still wearing the first Daquini leggings I bought from KICK 3 years ago! With the service and the product quality that I do not receive from anywhere else, I am and will always be a member of KICK."

--- Gift, Thailand



"I must say KICK's customer service is AMAZING! I am really pleased."

--- Sakina, Malaysia



"Thank you so much for your assistance, it is a great example of WOW customer service :)"

--- Anna, Poland



"Efficient door to door service! People always have the assumption that it's cheaper and more convenient to get items straight off the website but there are always cons to it (eg. Unable to try on items and the hassle to exchange especially when there are no physical stores available within your region). Buying through KICK eliminates all those cons. They'll come to your doorstep and assist with your needs accordingly. Plus, it's already tax included!"

--- Ayu, Malaysia

"Choosing quality activewear will ensure the pieces stay with us for a long time. It is a worthwhile investment. This is how I feel when I think of KICK"

--- Waan, Thailand

"KICK is full of beautiful, chic and unique outfits, especially their sport bras. The fabric of tanks, leggings and outerwear are great and very comfortable! It helps to hide belly, which boosts my confidence. I am sure that KICK is one of the shops in my heart that I will buy from regularly since you can also wear it everyday."

--- Patty, Thailand

"Thank you for the excellent service!"

--- Nadiah, Malaysia